Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The studio

Our studio space has changed a lot over the last year. We've redecorated completely, including the hardwood floor and new woodwork (we'll finish the hall and stairs eventually).

The most recent change is the addition of a pair studio poles to support the rolls of background paper. Previously it was just a single roll of charcoal seamless on my backdrop stands, but that was expensive on floorspace and really required two people to operate - the poles support three rolls of paper (white, charcoal and black) and the expansion drive fittings make it so easy to use. Not only did we get back the floorspace eaten by the legs of the backdrop stands, but we also get close to another foot of shooting distance too.

This is the setup we used for Fiona's shoot with Katy_T - just a single light with the large octagonal softbox.

EntropicTendencies - the studio space

The window (behind me in that shot) gives lots of nice light too. The floor and the neutral wall feature in lots of recent shoots.

The room is about 18' x 12' - the 50mm lens can get a lot of use for full length shots, but often 70mm is ok for shorter models.

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