Sunday, 23 May 2010

Gemma Chan

These shots are from a Sunday evening studio shoot with Gemma Chan.

Gemma Chan studio shootGemma Chan studio shoot
Gemma Chan studio shootGemma Chan studio shoot

I'm just not convinced that these are as good as they should be (Gemma has much stronger images in her portfolio) - I'll blame that on the foul mood I was in all week. Actually shooting helped improve my mood immensely, but I don't think the mood improved my photography :(.

[Full Gallery - Gemma Chan]

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ulorin Vex (NSFW)

I can't recall the original context of the discussion that mentioned Ulorin Vex, but I'm blaming it all on Kumi. Ms Vex got in touch with me via ModelMayhem because Kumi mentioned that I'd like to work with her.

Normally I'm happy to shoot studio stuff in the house, but since we were shooting for a whole day I felt that would become a bit limiting after a little while (there is just so much you can do with bare walls/floor and charcoal seamless), so I got in touch with Fraser Gordon and arranged to use his studio (we'd met Fraser a couple of months ago at Greig's Glasgow networking night). Fraser's studio is new and he has a nice variety of furniture within the studio space which I thought would lend itself well to giving lots of variety over the day.

With the shoot arranged for mid-week, I knew that my regular partners in crime wouldn't be available, so I tried my luck with a casting call for a make-up artist on ModelMayhem. Maybe I was really pushing it by asking for a make-up artist TF* when I was paying for the (unnamed) model and studio, but I was curious to see if it would generate any interest (not naming the model was deliberate). Fortunately Aileen Wallace came along to Greig's Glasgow networking night (we'd briefly met her at the graded unit show the week before) and she was keen for the opportunity (without knowing who the model was to be).

Aileen wasn't going to be available until early afternoon, so our plan was to start with some nude work (which obviously doesn't require overly elaborate make-up). Fraser's orange chair was immediately appealing and that was soon augmented with the idea of a flash head fitted within the lamp (Fraser's suggestion ... I suspect he'd been keen to try it for ages :D).

This is the first shot of the day, which is very pleasing start:
Ulorin Vex, nude, orange chair

These are also from that first set:
Ulorin Vex, nude, orange chairUlorin Vex, nudeUlorin Vex, headshot

A lot of the full length shots used much shorter focal lengths than I'd normally use - the 16-35mm got an outing. Some work, some don't.

We were well into this initial set when Aileen arrived, so when we finished she started with clean and simple make-up. Ms Vex had recently purchased a rather interesting pair of steampunk goggles, but hadn't used them in a shoot yet. This set was shot in the lounge area in the studio:
Ulorin Vex, steampunk goggles, make-up by Aileen WallaceUlorin Vex, steampunk goggles, make-up by Aileen Wallace
The audio tape was leftover from Greig's shoot the previous week - we didn't feed it through the fan though.

Fraser suggested that we try shooting outdoors in the lane next to the adjacent railway line - these were taken with Fraser and Fiona each holding a flash (remotely triggered using Fraser's ST-E2):
Ulorin Vex, steampunk goggles, make-up by Aileen WallaceUlorin Vex, steampunk goggles, make-up by Aileen Wallace

Back in the studio, Aileen got busy and Ms Vex changed into a latex catsuit and boots:
Ulorin Vex, latex catsuit, make-up by Aileen WallaceUlorin Vex, latex catsuit, make-up by Aileen Wallace

With a bit more make-up, we then continued with the catsuit and boots out on the stairs (I'm sure that made for a more interesting day for the folks at the dentist's surgery):
Ulorin Vex, latex catsuit, make-up by Aileen Wallace

The final set is more a pin-up/boudoir style (these are lit with studio flash, there are also some taken at high ISO using just the modelling lamps):
Ulorin Vex, pin-up/boudoir, make-up by Aileen WallaceUlorin Vex, pin-up/boudoir, make-up by Aileen Wallace

My thanks go to everyone helping: Aileen's contribution is obvious, Fiona for all her help in the shadows and Fraser for his suggestions, encouragement and toys. It definitely was a team effort.

The images are split into three galleries:
[Full Gallery - Ulorin Vex] (any non-nudes from the first set)
[Full Gallery - Ulorin Vex, nudes]
[Full Gallery - Ulorin Vex, make-up by Aileen Wallace]

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kerry McFarlane

I'd originally arranged to shoot with Kerry McFarlane back at the beginning of March, but she was unwell and had to cancel. We'd arranged for Lorraine Brown as MUA, but this time she was ill - I was beginning to think we were doomed.

We hadn't specifically planned beauty shots, so we went ahead without a MUA. This was only Kerry's fourth shoot - she relaxed very quickly and we've got good material from pretty early in the shoot.

We started with natural light - there some nice shots, but in general the light wasn't really working for us, so we switched to the studio lights and the charcoal seamless.

Kerry McFarlane studio shootKerry McFarlane studio shoot
Kerry McFarlane studio shootKerry McFarlane studio shoot

[Full Gallery - Kerry McFarlane]