Sunday, 25 April 2010

A favour

I got an unexpected call from Alana Sage when we were on our way back from FOCUS 2010 asking if I could shoot her course graded unit. We met Alana when she assisted Taiyyibah on the first henna shoot with Kumi. She's also at Clydebank completing her HND in Make-up Artistry - her graded unit was on the theme of "The Joker".

She'd lined up her brother Steven as the model and he had the patience to sit through multiple practice runs before the final shoot.

The Joker - MUA: Alana SageThe Joker - MUA: Alana Sage
The Joker - MUA: Alana SageThe Joker - MUA: Alana Sage

Definitely a bit different from the stuff I normally shoot.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ivory Flame 17/4/10 (NSFW)

I should had more sense - I already had a big enough backlog of images to edit, but when Holly (Ivory Flame) advertised her availability I jumped at the chance. Time was limited to just the afternoon because we were riding in the morning and I was lined up to assist a couple of studio novices with their shoots with Charlie McInally at EPS in the evening.

I must admit I'm really glad I took this opportunity. Holly is a delight to work with and we got some really lovely images.

We started with natural light and the curtains pulled wide open (fortunately none of the neighbours have a direct view). Even with lots of light, this still meant higher ISO, wider aperture and slower shutter speeds than I'd normally work with in the studio environment (and a monopod too). A lot of the shots are on the 70-200mm (conveniently with image stabilization), but since I was shooting across the width of the room the 50mm also saw a lot of use. With the latest 2.7 release, I think Lightroom's rendering of the higher ISO shots is significantly improved - they have almost a grain-like quality at 1:1.

We finished with the grey seamless and studio lights - I think that should be pretty obvious in the shots though.

I've split the shots between two galleries - non-nudes:

Ivory FlameIvory Flame, portrait, natural light

Ivory Flame, black lingerie, studioIvory Flame, black lingerie, studio

and nudes:

Ivory Flame, nude, natural light

Ivory Flame, nude, natural light
Ivory Flame, nude, natural light

- the shots shown here are selected from both galleries and will link back appropriately.

I've released considerably more shots than normal - these are not intensively 'shopped (which makes it easy) and I've got too many great shots to choose from, so I've chosen to release them as sets or panels. Many more to follow - in many ways I'm now glad we couldn't shoot for longer!

[Full Gallery - Ivory Flame (non-nude)]
[Full Gallery - Ivory Flame (nude)]

Monday, 12 April 2010

Kumi and more henna (12/4/10)

With the success of the henna shots from her last visit, we were keen to try it again - but with a twist. This time the idea wasn't to cover Kumi'shead in henna, but more to work on face and neck. It's a long slow process, but Taiyyibah's work produces stunning results. As ever, Taiyyibah brought the props that make this kind of shoot with her so complete.

Since Kumi didn't have any bookings closely after this shoot, they skipped the latex cap and applied the henna directly to her skin (which other than the inconvenience of the staining, didn't cause any discomfort to Kumi).

Kumi Monster, henna and make-up by Taiyyibah BashirKumi Monster, henna and make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir

It's going to take me a little while find the time to edit the shots though...

[Full Gallery - Kumi Monster]