Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stephanie Brown - 30/3/10

We met Stephanie at the PETA charity fashion show, but didn't actually recognise that she'd been in the Hot Sauce video too. Stephanie lives only 5 minutes from us, so it was really easy to squeeze in an evening shoot.

Make-up was by Ruth Evans - Stephanie was her first airbrush victim with us (I'd told her that it shouldn't hurt as much as a tattoo, but she found it surprisingly painless).

Stephanie is relatively new to modelling, so there was a certain degree of keep on shooting until she relaxed - in reviewing the whole shoot there is a definite improvement as the shoot progressed.

These are the first three completed edits:

We might have shot more, but when we did finish there was 4" snow and Ruth had to get home (she should have stayed the night because she didn't make it home).

[Full Gallery - Stephanie Brown]

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