Saturday, 13 March 2010

Miel - 13/3/10

This weekend's shoot with Miel ended up all studio - make-up by Sam Brown (SB Make-Up). We hadn't worked with either before, but I'd at least met Miel briefly at one of Greig's Glasgow networking nights.

Headshots, headshots ... and more headshots. We started clean and simple and worked up to the alien look with mottling on the neck and around the face.

The main light was my beauty dish (left of camera) and the large gridded softbox to my right (and forward) at very low power (or off). The background is my (now) standard charcoal seamless with a gel covered light to provide the colour.

Apparently Miel asked for references, so I guess folks haven't been saying bad things about me :)

[Full Gallery - Miel]

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