Saturday, 27 March 2010

EPS Members' Exhibition - an Honourable Mention

We both entered for the members' exhibition (the entry is a set of four images).

My set of four consisted of these shots:

Billie Lister (make-up by Ruth Evans):
Billie Lister - make-up by Ruth Evans

Charlie Banks (make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir):
Charlie Banks, make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir

Charlie McInally:
Charlie McInally

Kumi (henna and make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir):
Kumi Monster - henna and make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir

I got an Honourable Mention for my set of four images.

Fiona picked up another Honourable Mention for one of her entries:
Surf Is Over

Unfortunately bad weather prevented Libby Smith presenting her comments - we've got that to look forward to...

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