Wednesday, 10 March 2010

EPS Creative Group

I thought I was disappointed with my scores from the last monthly competition, but tonight's Creative Group competition left me scunnered (judged by Richard Bingham (EPS)).

Unfortunately we were on our way home from Focus 2010 (NEC, Birmingham) so all comments are second-hand and may not quite reflect Richard's phrasing or intent.

This one of Billie Lister (make-up by Ruth Evans) scored a poor 11/20:
Billie Lister, make-up by Ruth Evans

Apparently the creativity is down to the make-up artist (congratulations Ruth), Billie's eyebrows are a different colour from her hair (! - not sure how that would affect the score, but judges are often like sports commentators) and there is a distracting shadow to the left of her nose - but least the eyes are sharp.

For the evening's theme of "three", this shot was awarded 16/20:
Frosted tyres

Having had a brief discussion with Richard on the scoring, his interpretation or application of the guidance (10 marks for technical, 10 for creativity) appears to have been inconsistent with the other judges in the Creative Group competitions this season (and very little of my work would be of value in the Creative Group).

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