Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I've just had an enquiry about selling some photos. Unexpectedly, it's for some show-jumping shots of Poppy riding Denny in the BSJA classes at Ingliston.

BSJA / Poppy Dennison / Denny

His new owner found them and would like some copies to document his history. Denny is a lovely horse - Fiona and I both rode him before he was sold (Poppy was even trying to get us to buy him).

An occasional visit to one of these events when someone we know is competing is always fun. The reaction of the guys who regularly cover the events and consider it their territory adds to the day's amusement too. To be honest though, I don't see it as a viable business market and have got no intention of competing with them. It's a full day shooting before any post-processing and I can't imagine that they will make much in return. I don't need hundreds of shots of folk I don't know and who will never thank me, so I'll stick to shooting for friends who will show some appreciation.

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