Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Not sharp! - EPS 4th Monthly Projected Images Competition

I didn't do so well tonight (judged by Stephen Lipton).

This one of Billie Lister (make-up by Ruth Evans) scored 15/20, with a comment that it was too tightly cropped (and that the eyes were too dark).
Billie Lister - make-up by Ruth Evans Date: 29 November 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence

This shot of Charlie got 14/20, with comments that it should have been more tightly cropped and that the eyes aren't sharp.
Charlie McInally Date: 03 January 2010 © Copyright 2010 Barrie Spence

I must admit I'm disappointed with both scores. There is no point in disputing the judge's opinion about cropping because that's subjective and largely a matter of personal taste (and I probably will change the crop on the Charlie shot).

However, the comment about Charlie's eyes not being sharp is incredibly annoying. I'm very careful that the eyes are sharp in all of my displayed shots (hey, I know I sometimes miss, but you're not going to see those shots unless you are viewing the proofs).

Judge for yourself:

1024x768 as submitted

Large (1926x2000), but not original size - your browser may resize it to fit your window, but at 1:1 this is likely bigger than most high resolution screens.

Pixel-peeping at full size (3730x3744), adding some local sharpening to the iris of the eyes does make very slight improvement, but I'm honestly not convinced that would be visible at the relatively small size submitted to the competition (765x768).

Mutter. Mutter. Mutter.

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