Saturday, 20 February 2010

And now for something a little different

Another model from the Hot Sauce video shoot, Ken Brangman is my first shoot with a guy.

Definitely a change form my previous work.

It was a cold and bright day - possibly lit too harshly with the direct sun at times. The first location didn't work out exactly as hoped, but a large cluster of boulders give us something to use and some nice opening shots.
Ken Brangman

We followed that with more outdoors shots at the brickworks - especially effective using the brightly coloured graffiti backgrounds.
Ken Brangman

I'm also very pleased to have some good full-length shots (I don't generally feel confident with them)
Ken Brangman

Back in the studio we unveiled the new roll of charcoal seamless and played with some gels to colour the background:
Ken Brangman

I'm really pleased with the end results and Ken is great to work with.

[Full Gallery - Ken Brangman]

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