Wednesday, 20 January 2010

EPS 3rd Monthly Projected Images Competition

From our limited experience this year, portrait work isn't generally common in the society competitions. With lots of nice shots to choose from recently, I went with one of Billie Lister (make-up by Ruth Evans) and one of Charlie McInally from our recent nearly cancelled shoot.

18/20 - "Billie":
Billie Lister, make-up by Ruth Evans

16/20 - "Charlie":
Charlie McInally

I'm very pleased with the scoring.

I really like the shot of Charlie, but have this nagging feeling it could be slightly better. I suspect I'm being overly critical and seeing faults with it that aren't really significant - the judge certainly didn't pick on what I considered obvious weaknesses, so maybe I just need to re-calibrate.

Surprisingly, there were a lot more portrait/people shots entered tonight.

The competition was judged by Duncan Macdonald (Kilbarchan).

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