Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kellie Laplegua 13/12/09

Kellie Laplegua was visiting friends in Glasgow and including some work as part of the trip. Definitely nice to shoot something darker than just pretty-girl fashion for a change. Surprisingly blessed by sunlight on a foggy, freezing day (-3C), we managed about 50 minutes shooting at a nearby location (a disused hospital) before heading home for some studio shots.

Kellie Laplegua

This is one of the final shots of the day:

Kellie Laplegua

[Full Gallery - Kellie Laplegua]

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

EPS 2nd Monthly Projected Images Competition

I'm never confident about submitting images for competition judging. The judge's opinion is definitely subjective and some styles of work just don't meet the normal judging rules/criteria. I also find the concept of giving images titles somewhat forced. It's about the image folks, not what you decide to call it.

19/20 - "four and a half hours" - Kumi Monster, henna and make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir:

four and a half hours, Kumi Monster, henna by Taiyyibah Bashir

18/20 - "engine abstract" - close-up of a big motorbike engine, taken in New Hope, Pennsylvania:

Engine Abstract

I'm delighted these images both scored very well.

The judge on this occasion was Findlay Rankin LRPS (Kilmarnock).