Monday, 20 July 2009

Sammi J Muirhead 20/7/09

Sammi J Muirhead contacted me on ModelMayhem - she really liked a couple of the Kumi shots. The original intention had been to shoot in the home studio, but since I was collecting her from Edinburgh we'd agreed that we might try some outdoors stuff if the weather held. Fortunately, we struck out and it was a lovely evening - we started at Cammo Estate:

Sammi J Muirhead

Sammi J Muirhead

progressed to Crammond Beach:

and then shot in the field of purple flowers next to Gogar roundabout:

Sammi J Muirhead

All the outdoors shots were taken with a little bit of fill flash from the 580EX-II mounted on a bracket and fitted with a Lumiquest bounce reflector.

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  1. I worked with sam too.I dont know if you've heard