Monday, 20 July 2009

Sammi J Muirhead 20/7/09

Sammi J Muirhead contacted me on ModelMayhem - she really liked a couple of the Kumi shots. The original intention had been to shoot in the home studio, but since I was collecting her from Edinburgh we'd agreed that we might try some outdoors stuff if the weather held. Fortunately, we struck out and it was a lovely evening - we started at Cammo Estate:

Sammi J Muirhead

Sammi J Muirhead

progressed to Crammond Beach:

and then shot in the field of purple flowers next to Gogar roundabout:

Sammi J Muirhead

All the outdoors shots were taken with a little bit of fill flash from the 580EX-II mounted on a bracket and fitted with a Lumiquest bounce reflector.

[Sammi J Muirhead - Full Gallery]

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Charlie McInally 18/7/09

Charlie McInally is another UKPM contact.

This was another home-based shoot, studio in the living room and natural light in the bedroom.

These are a couple of the favourites:

Charlie McInally

[Charlie McInally - Full Gallery]

Friday, 17 July 2009

Stephanie Lindsay 17/7/09

We met Steph through UKPM. Since she lives in Kilmarnock, we'd arranged to go to her and shoot outdoors. It started a miserable, rainy day, but that cleared after lunch and we had a successful shoot.

We started at Brig o' Doon and Alloway
Stephanie Lindsay

and finished the day at Dunure Castle:
Stephanie Lindsay

I think I shot the whole day using the 85mm. The majority of the shots had a little bit of fill flash using the flash on a bracket with a Lumiquest bounce attachment.

[Stephanie Lindsay - Full Gallery]

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Three shoots lined up - Stephanie Lindsay (Thursday), Charlie McInally (Friday) and Sammi J Muirhead(Monday). We've met all three for coffee, so at least we won't be shooting from a cold "hi, pleased to meet you".

Steph is in Ayrshire, so we'll be shooting outdoors at locations she suggests. Charlie is coming to us to shoot some studio stuff. Sammi is also lined up for some studio work, but if the weather works out we'll maybe grab some shots on the way here.