Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kellie Laplegua 13/12/09

Kellie Laplegua was visiting friends in Glasgow and including some work as part of the trip. Definitely nice to shoot something darker than just pretty-girl fashion for a change. Surprisingly blessed by sunlight on a foggy, freezing day (-3C), we managed about 50 minutes shooting at a nearby location (a disused hospital) before heading home for some studio shots.

Kellie Laplegua

This is one of the final shots of the day:

Kellie Laplegua

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

EPS 2nd Monthly Projected Images Competition

I'm never confident about submitting images for competition judging. The judge's opinion is definitely subjective and some styles of work just don't meet the normal judging rules/criteria. I also find the concept of giving images titles somewhat forced. It's about the image folks, not what you decide to call it.

19/20 - "four and a half hours" - Kumi Monster, henna and make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir:

four and a half hours, Kumi Monster, henna by Taiyyibah Bashir

18/20 - "engine abstract" - close-up of a big motorbike engine, taken in New Hope, Pennsylvania:

Engine Abstract

I'm delighted these images both scored very well.

The judge on this occasion was Findlay Rankin LRPS (Kilmarnock).

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Billie Lister 29/11/09

Billie Lister had been taking a break from modeling, but got in touch on Facebook because she wanted some updated headshots. These were shot in the EPS studio, with Ruth Evans performing make-up duties. The black and white conversions were done in Photoshop using the Totally Rad Lith-E-Yum! action. Post-processing is a mixture of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Billie Lister - make-up by Ruth Evans Date: 29 November 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie SpenceBillie Lister - make-up by Ruth Evans Date: 29 November 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie SpenceBillie Lister - make-up by Ruth Evans Date: 29 November 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Charlie Banks 21/11/09

This shoot with Charlie Banks is the last of my three confirmed shoots with the models in the Hot Sauce video. This time we didn't have good weather and we just shot in the studio. Taiyyibah Bashir was on hand for make-up and she was all prepared to shoot some period work - wig and all (even brought some wallpaper as a background!).

Charlie Banks, make-up by Taiyyibah Bashir

We followed that with something much more modern and Charlie wearing my suit and one of my shirts - we tried, but the end results just don't work as well as we'd hoped. Probably my first obvious failure in a shoot, but the period shots more than make up for that.

[Full Gallery - Charlie Banks]

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Desiree Worth 15/11/09

Desiree is another Hot Sauce video model. Again, she wanted some outdoors shots with the autumn colours. Also taken locally in Livingston and again we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine (but not warmth) - also shot with the 70-200mm and a little fill flash.

Desiree Worth

Slightly more appropriate for mid-November:

Desiree Worth

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This was followed by some studio work with Ruth Evans joining us to handle the make-up.

Desiree Worth

Desiree Worth

[Full Gallery - Desiree Worth - studio work with make-up by Ruth Evans]

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Haz Still 8/11/09

I'd met Haz Still at the Hot Sauce video shoot and she was keen to get some new portfolio material. This was our first time working with Ruth Evans for make-up. The autumnal outdoors shots were taken in the middle of Livingston and we got surprisingly nice weather for the start of November (though it was still pretty chilly with traces of frost).

These all shot with the 70-200mm. A little bit of fill flash was used on the later outdoors shots (we lost a little bit too much of the sun).

Haz Still, make-up by Ruth Evans

Haz Still, make-up by Ruth Evans

The outdoors stuff was followed up with a couple of hours in the home studio - still with the 70-200mm.

Haz Still, make-up by Ruth Evans

Haz Still, make-up by Ruth Evans

Haz Still, make-up by Ruth Evans

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Kumi Monster 10/10/09 and 11/10/09

Kumi Monster was with us for a week this time and with more notice and planning she'd booked shoots with Ruth and John. We finally shot on the Saturday afternoon at the nearby brickworks site, with Kumi freezing in a latext catsuit - Fiona grabbed some shots too and has done a better job of getting them on display than me.

Sunday was the big day though. We'd met Taiyyibah Bashir at the first Glasgow networking night organised by Greig and she was very keen for the opportunity to cover Kumi's head in intricate henna work (obviously her specialty).

Ideally, the henna would be best on bare skin, but since it stains for at least a week that didn't fit in with Kumi's schedule so Taiyyibah applied a latex cap first.

This is about 40 minutes in:

Kumi Monster, henna by Taiyyibah Bashir

After about 4 hours:

Kumi Monster, henna by Taiyyibah Bashir

And peeling it off after about 20 minutes of shooting:

Kumi Monster, henna by Taiyyibah Bashir

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Charlie McInally 27/9/09

Definitely a busy weekend - Charlie had offered me a couple of hours from late cancellations at the studio weekend she was running at Bent Brae. Definitely very interesting to work in a proper studio with an infinity curve.

Charlie McInally

Fiona shot a couple of sets of her own. Good practice and a lot of fun working with Charlie, but again stuck in my post-processing backlog.

[Full Gallery - Charlie McInally]

Red Kali 27/9/09 (NSFW)

We'd taken an age to make this shoot happen and Lynsey had had a hard week and wasn't feeling her best. Even though we were largely shooting nudes, I think this ended up more as a portrait session.

Red Kali Date: 27 September 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Hot Sauce 26/9/09

Sammi had asked for photographers to shoot some behind-the-scenes shots during the making of the Hot Sauce video. The video was shot over two days, with the first day being based around a fashion show concept. I wasn't able to make the second day since I was already booked to shoot Red Kali and Charlie McInally.

Hot Sauce music video: Sammi J Muirhead and Ahmed Khader

Definitely an opportunity to meet folk and get my face and work known.

[Full Gallery - Hot Sauce Music Video]

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

LucidFantasy 23/9/09

Jane (LucidFantasy) was relatively inexperienced and obviously we hadn't worked together before, so we playing safe with a studio shoot. Again, shot against the plain walls.


[Full Gallery - LucidFantasy]

Monday, 21 September 2009

Gilda Lily 21/9/09

Ingrida (Gilda Lily) was looking for something a little different from her usual stage/performing shots, so our objective was simple, more conventional portfolio studio work.

Gilda Lily

Rather than using hung backdrops, I'd decided to use the plain (but scabby) walls and try for a little bit of shadow:

Gilda Lily

The wall worked well, but was a bit fiddly to touch up in Lightroom.

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kirsty269 Nudes 19/9/09 (NSFW)

Kirsty (kirsty269) had found an old derelict farm property that is an ideal location and advertised her availability on UKPM. We'd visited Kirsty the week before to meet and scout the location, so fortunately we weren't shooting from cold.

We started shooting using the limited available light - relatively slow shutter speeds and the camera on a tripod which is so not my style.

Kirsty269 - Art Nude Date: 19 September 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence

I subsequently moved on to use a little fill flash and hand-held at higher ISOs.

Kirsty269 - Art Nude Date: 19 September 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence

We even finished with the studio flash on a boom with a softbox (powered by a generator) - having carried, we made sure we were going to use it!

Kirsty269 - Art Nude Date: 19 September 2009 © Copyright 2009 Barrie Spence
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Sou DeSade 17/9/09

Shooting with Sou DeSade was just opportunistic when she offered some short-notice availability on UKPM (probably not the best idea since I already had another 3 shoots organized for the next week).

Sou was the first model that we hadn't met before shooting, we'd had very limited communication and she was unfortunately delayed in arriving. There are probably some ok shots from the first hour, but I think the later shots (when we were all more comfortable) are much stronger.

Sou DeSade

Sadly, most of the work is languishing in the post-processing backlog since it takes a back seat to any TF* commitments.

[Full Gallery - Sou DeSade]

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Stephanie_Synthetic 10/9/09

With Stephy we shot again at Cammo Estate


and then the nearby derelict brickworks:


Full credit to Fiona for spotting the poppies in the field that gave us this shot:


Again, all shot with a little fill-flash.

[Stephanie Synthetic - Full Gallery]

Saturday, 1 August 2009

August in Oz

Off to Oz for a month. Brisbane, Byron Bay, Noosa Heads, Cairns, Uluṟu, houseboat on the Broadwater... and 4 nights in Singapore on the way home.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sammi J Muirhead 20/7/09

Sammi J Muirhead contacted me on ModelMayhem - she really liked a couple of the Kumi shots. The original intention had been to shoot in the home studio, but since I was collecting her from Edinburgh we'd agreed that we might try some outdoors stuff if the weather held. Fortunately, we struck out and it was a lovely evening - we started at Cammo Estate:

Sammi J Muirhead

Sammi J Muirhead

progressed to Crammond Beach:

and then shot in the field of purple flowers next to Gogar roundabout:

Sammi J Muirhead

All the outdoors shots were taken with a little bit of fill flash from the 580EX-II mounted on a bracket and fitted with a Lumiquest bounce reflector.

[Sammi J Muirhead - Full Gallery]

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Charlie McInally 18/7/09

Charlie McInally is another UKPM contact.

This was another home-based shoot, studio in the living room and natural light in the bedroom.

These are a couple of the favourites:

Charlie McInally

[Charlie McInally - Full Gallery]

Friday, 17 July 2009

Stephanie Lindsay 17/7/09

We met Steph through UKPM. Since she lives in Kilmarnock, we'd arranged to go to her and shoot outdoors. It started a miserable, rainy day, but that cleared after lunch and we had a successful shoot.

We started at Brig o' Doon and Alloway
Stephanie Lindsay

and finished the day at Dunure Castle:
Stephanie Lindsay

I think I shot the whole day using the 85mm. The majority of the shots had a little bit of fill flash using the flash on a bracket with a Lumiquest bounce attachment.

[Stephanie Lindsay - Full Gallery]

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Three shoots lined up - Stephanie Lindsay (Thursday), Charlie McInally (Friday) and Sammi J Muirhead(Monday). We've met all three for coffee, so at least we won't be shooting from a cold "hi, pleased to meet you".

Steph is in Ayrshire, so we'll be shooting outdoors at locations she suggests. Charlie is coming to us to shoot some studio stuff. Sammi is also lined up for some studio work, but if the weather works out we'll maybe grab some shots on the way here.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Kumi Monster 8/6/09

No point in not shooting if a model is available, so we shot some more before taking Kumi to the airport for her flight to London. Again, these were all shot in the home studio.

Kumi Monster

There are a lot of shots of Kumi with wax on her scalp and I wanted something similarly striking - Strawberry syrup is considerably easier:

[Kumi Monster - Full Gallery]

Saturday, 6 June 2009

The deep end - Kumi Monster 6/6/09

This was my first shoot with a professional model. I'd been encouraged to take my photography to the next level, so this was a test case to see how this all worked in real life. Fortunately Kumi is a really easy to work with and I'm delighted with the results.

All this work was taken at home - either in the studio (living room) using two studio flash heads (soft box and brolly) or in the bedroom with natural light.

Kumi Monster

Kumi Monster

This one was taken in the bedroom with natural light.

Kumi Monster

The majority of the shots were taken with the 50mm lens (and a few using the 35mm and 85mm lenses) on a Canon 5D.

[Kumi Monster - Full Gallery]